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B.R. Kreider & Son is 万人炸翻天appPA’s premier paving and excavating contractor with the experience, knowledge and capability to deliver the very best results for any asphalt paving project.

Providing superior paving solutions since 1936, we can handle any size paving need – from large multi-acre projects and road rebuilding to specialty paving like decorative stamped asphalt. Our clients’ satisfaction comes from our commitment and attention to detail, by assuring correct sub-base grades and proper stone bases are installed per the engineer’s specifications, before the asphalt binder and wearing courses are installed, to meet our top quality standards.


B.R. Kreider & Son paving services include:

  • Streets And Access Streets
  • Driveways
  • Walkways And Patios
  • Parking Lots
  • Porous 万人炸翻天
  • Road Rebuilding And Widening
  • Golf Cart Paths
  • Tennis Courts
  • Farm Lanes
  • Decorative 万人炸翻天 Stamped Asphalt

Porous 万人炸翻天

Porous paving by B.R. Kreider & Son is an innovative storm water management solution that is ideal for parking lots, walking paths, sidewalks, playgrounds, plazas and other similar areas. At the same time, porous paving can save you money because it can eliminate the need for a conventional retention basin and underground piping system.

With porous pavement, the water soaks directly through the surface into a stone bed beneath the pavement, filtering out impurities before the water returns to the water table.

The stone bed beneath the porous pavement is designed by B.R. Kreider & Son to receive all rainfall from the pavement as well as water flow from other areas such as rooftops and driveways. Over time the pavement suffers less damage from water collection and runoff which also saves you money!

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Porous 万人炸翻天 Benefits

  • May completely eliminate the need for conventional retention basin & underground piping system
  • Environmentally-friendly way to use storm water to replenish the ground water table
  • Reduces on-site storm water run-off
  • Durable and perfect for northern climates like ours
  • Maximized Site Use
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